About ECRI

the European Cerebrovascular Research Infrastructure - ECRI

What is ECRI?

ECRI is a platform for European stroke research centres that provides the essential infrastructure for international cooperation with shared database, secure network access and advanced consent handling. ECRI is established to facilitate high-quality medical research with international cooperation.

More information about ECRI

Modern translational and clinical research requires large number of patients, clinical data, biobanks, imaging technologies, dedicated laboratory facilities and access to new technologies – all of which must be standardised, responsive to the needs of research, focused on the patient and of sufficient size to enable studies of statistical significance. Close collaboration between centres is therefore mandatory to secure sufficiently wide infrastructural support, expertise and resources. The first studies in ECRI are the European Unstable Carotid Artery plaque study (EUCAPS) and the Nowegian Tenecteplase Stroke Trial (NOR-TEST). For more information about storing and securing research data click here.

The steering committee

David Russell - project leader
Lars Thomassen
Ole Morten Rønning
Rolf Salvesen
Anne Hege Aamodt
Mona Skjelland.


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Jun 19, 2018
The substudy with atrial fibrillation in NOR-TEST and the pilot study in NOR-FIB were presented at the EAN Congress in Lisbon. Both studies were selected at the highlightsession at the congress.
May 17, 2018

The Nordic Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Study -FIB Investigator Meeting on . New data from the pilot study presented by PhD student Anna T. Lambert. Thanks to all the local investigators and collaborators!